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SMDS Services

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SMDS writes several types of websites. Basic Websites, Dynamic Websites, ecommerce and Large Business or Corporate Sites are just a few of the types of sites we can build for you.
SMDS can write you a webpage to fit your needs and budget in a very reasonable time frame.
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SMDS offers several hosting options. Weather you heed to host a small webpage, or a major corporate website, SMDS has a hosting plan for youFor more information, or to purchase a hosting plan Read More
SMDS has developed several Web Applications, and can custom develop an online application to provide you or your company with the tools needed Read More
SMDS offers Search Engine Optimization services to fit every budget. SEO is a key part of owning a website. It is SEO that tells the Search Engines about your site. This allows them to send visitors to your site. The better your SEO, the more visitors that will be sent to your site. The more visitors you get, the better. Read More
  • SMDS Chat Support +

    SMDS offers a variety of support plans that provide 24 X 7 technical support
  • Basic Websites +

    A "Basic Website" is usually written in html and/or php. A basic website Normally consists of 1 - 3 pages and put out some information. Basic websites do not normally require a database, so hosting a Basic Website is easier and less expensive than other website options. This is a good choice for a person or company that just needs to get a message out to their visitors.
  • Dynamic Websites +

    Dynamic websites use database(s) to control the code of the website. This allows the site owner to make dynamic changes. A Dynamic website normally has an Administrators Control Panel, where admins can log in and make global changes to the website. Typical dynamic changes are things like fonts, font color, background colors, etc... Rather than editing every page, the admin simply makes a global change that modifies the .css file and therefore makes the change to all associated pages.
  • e-Commerce +

    e-commerce is an online Store. SMDS offers e-commerce options for every budget. An e-commerce store is an ideal place to sell your goods or services. It is open and working for you 24 X 7 X 365, while you do what you do. e-commerce sites have an Administrators Control Panel, so administrators can log in and enter, modify/delete products as needed. The Administrators also have access to many reports for making your e-commerce more successful
  • Large Company, or Corporate Websites +

    As a company or Corporation grows, their needs increase. Large Company, or Corporate Websites have the options you will need to grow with your large Business or Corporation. Things like Company email portals, employee areas, Support Pages, and contact information are very important, but also you have options of adding DataBase Management, MySQL tools, etc... can also help make your business easier to run
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Why Use SMDS

SMDS Products and Services are TOP SHELF. Even so, SMDS is able to put these products and Services out to the working man for a very reasonable Price. This way Small to Medium sized businesses can have the tools they need to make money and compete in today's fast changing economy, at a price they can actually afford.

- Our Sites/Products we develop or offer are:


Our sites are designed to be not only easy for the client, but also easy for the visitors.


We build strong Mobile Friendly Sites. over 70% of all transactions in 2016 were made using a mobile device (Phone Tablet, etc...)

Graphical Interface

Hosting Plans come with Graphic Control Pannel. No Programming knowledge is needed


SMDS keeps our webservers on the Fastest servers possible.


When Hosting through SMDS, You will have access to your backend site through a Control Pannel.


SMDS has 24 X 7 Support, and most issues are resolved in under an hour.

This SMDS website uses a Joomla Template.

Using templates saves time and money. There are many templates out there. Look around and find the "LOOK" that you want. When you find that LOOK, you found the template to start your website with. Once you find a template with the look you like, bookmark the page, and write down the name of the template and company. When developing your site, let your sales rep know this information, and then....

SMDS can GET YOUR PROFESSIONAL JOOMLA TEMPLATE modified for your specific needs, Quickly and Professionally!

Our Work at SMDS

SMDS is your internet presence specialists. We develop Aplications (Apps), we develop professional web sites. We are able to provide a top shelf website at a price that fits any budget.

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  • BARS


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    • Apps
  • FireflyMoons


    Owner Dana Boyle provides a line of Jewelry and things at a reasonable price in her ecommerce store.
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    • Dynamic Websites
    • E Commerce
    • Joomla Based Sites
  • Our Feature Work

    Our Feature Work

    SMDS is constantly developing more tools and Apps.
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    • Apps
  • Our Feature Work 4

    Our Feature Work 4

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    • Joomla Based Sites
  • NekosWish


    ~ In honor of little Neko, Nekoswish will be donating ten percent of all proceeds to our local hospital’s neo-natal unit.
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    • Dynamic Websites
  • tennisandbeyond.net


    Founder Rex Lewis and the staff at Tennis & Beyond have developed a curriculum directed towards giving participants excellent tennis instruction.
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    • Dynamic Websites

SMDS Internet Presence Process

From start to finish, our development team(s) work with our clients, to provide the presence that the client needs. Once a presence is made, we are still here to help. We take it one step further, and maintain SEO on the sites as needed.

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Assess Needs

Our First step is to Assess the needs and requirements, our client has. A pretty website, is just that, PRETTY. To have a website actually work for you, you must design in to it the things you need it to do for you.

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SMDSWeb Design

Once the needs, and boundries of the site have been established, we begin collecting and interfacing all the modules needed to produce the end product we are looking for.

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SMDS SEO Maintenance

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the part of a website that helps search engines understand their content. A site with well maintained SEO will rate higher on searches, and ultimately bring more customers to your site.

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Our Commitment

It is of upmost importance that your website stay compliant with the requirements of the industry. It is our comittment here at SMDS to keep up to date on these standards and keep our code 100% compliant.

  • We at SMDS are very committed in keeping our code up to date and compliant with the industry leaders.
    Mark Boyle CEO
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Our Employees

SMDS has a great staff of employees, Each bringing their own strong points to the company.
Together our staff forms a team that can accomplish wonderful things
Having these fantastic employees, allows SMDS to provide a Top Shelf product every time.

Recent SMDS News Posts

SMDS has developeda news system, where we can talk about new sites and applications In these news feeds, we will discuss progress and new things learned as we develop applications and sites.. Below you can see a few of those News Feed entries. Please feel free to check out our full news feed any time for lots of new information. You can also subscribe to our weekly news letter on the bottom of the page for even more information.

Monday, 20 June 2016 17:26

Cagebound Fighting Championships has started development. Their new site features...

Saturday, 27 May 2017 06:52

BARS is an online reporting system that allows employees to...

Sunday, 28 May 2017 01:56

Fireflymoons has moved to a Joomla platform. Their new site...

Emerald Vision Renaissance
Sunday, 28 May 2017 02:02

Emerald Valley Renaissance has entered the development phase of developing...

Knowledge Base
Tuesday, 30 May 2017 04:59

Today we got the ground structure in place for the...

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Here at SMDS, we welcome comments, feedback, etc... We provide this form for a quick way for you our valued visitor, to contact us. Please feel free to contact us any time. We will get back in touch as soon as we can.
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