SMDS writes several types of websites. Basic Websites, Dynamic Websites, ecommerce and Large Business or Corporate Sites are just a few of the types of sites we can build for you. SMDS can write you a webpage to fit your needs and budget in a very reasonable time frame.
If you are in the market for a great website for a reasonable price, you are in the right place. SMDS has been writing websites since the 1990s.

Websites are very different depending on your needs. This makes it very difficult to quote prices, but for a general idea, a simple personal website can be as low as $650.00, and complex business sites can run $1,600.00 and up. The price depends on the needs of the site. A simple personal site is usually a few pages, mostly text, and a few pictures. As you add things like buelleton boards, e-commerce, and dynamic site functions, the cost goes up.

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You will need to briefly describe what you want or need your site to do, and any specific applications you will need on your site.