About Us

SMDS is an industry leader in Web development
We develop online applications to fit any Need/Budget. A pretty website is nice, but a lot nicer when that site is doing the work for you that it needs to do.
SMDS can implement the needed applications you or your company need to get that work done for you. Whether you need an e-commerce solution, Data entry solution, or any other working application, SMDS can design and implement an application to handle the job

SMDS programmers have been writing web Pages since 1995, and have grown with the industry. Our developers are constantly educating themselves in the newest and most up to date code methods. This enables us to develop top of the line applications and sites.
Back in the "Hello World" days, code was rather simple. We used mostly text, and web pages were quite plain. Through the years, the industry has changed. HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc have made huge changes and now allow much more variations. Using newer technology enables us to write much better pages and sites. Sites now days contain graphics, pictures, responsive content, etc...
Today, over 65% of purchases made online are made from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. This makes being mobile friendly a very important aspect of a website. If your site does not look good on a mobile device, you are missing out on all that business.
SMDS SEO technicians are very experianced in website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which makes a site more visible to the Search Engines. Since a lot of internet users start with a search on a search engine, it is very important to have your site optimized for the best search engine results.
Back in 2005, SMDS was formed, and put together several programmers and web developers. Together we created several data management applications. Mark Boyle, the founder and CEO, lived in Santa Maria, Ca, so the name Santa Maria Data Services SMDS. SMDS got right into writing websites, creating data management apps, and developing software for the online industry. As the internet industry made changes, so did SMDS. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became very important, so SMDS brought on SEO specialists to make sure the websites rate better with the search engines.
The website industry changed a lot over the years, and websites became more responsive, and started relying more and more on databases. Since SMDS has been specializing in Dat services, this fit right into our business model, and we were able to shoot into the era strong and productive. As being "Mobile Friendly" started becoming more and more importand, SMDS was able to welcome this. Since the whole "Mobile Friendly" aspect is basically database driven, this again fit right into what SMDS has been doing for years.
In 2015, SMDS re-orginised the company. New changes in the industry, inspired a re-vamp of the process we use at SMDS. We shifted things so we could offer top of the line web tools at a price the everyday business person can actually afford. Now we can offer a full line of internet needs at an affordable price.

Our Commitment

It is of upmost importance that your website stay compliant with the requirements of the industry. It is our comittment here at SMDS to keep up to date on these standards and keep our code 100% compliant.

  • We at SMDS are very committed in keeping our code up to date and compliant with the industry leaders.
    Mark Boyle CEO
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Our Employees

SMDS has a great staff of employees, Each bringing their own strong points to the company.
Together our staff forms a team that can accomplish wonderful things
Having these fantastic employees, allows SMDS to provide a Top Shelf product every time.